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Purchasing your state of Oregon marriage license is necessary to get married in Oregon. You will be submitting your marriage license application and purchasing your Oregon marriage license, about $60, at ANY one of the 36 Oregon county offices during normal business hours, Monday to Friday. Your license will be valid for 60 days and there is a 3 day waiting period before it becomes effective on the 4th day. It may be possible to purchase a waiver for the 3 day waiting period, ask at the county of your choice.

Washington state wedding couples can avoid the 3 day mandatory waiting period in WA state, by marrying in Portland with a valid Oregon marriage license with a waiver on the 3 day wait. Oregon or Washington couples who need to marry now (military, health insurance etc.) please email or call 503-888-9876  for detailed information.

We have created this website to make the marriage license application process easier for you to understand. When you are ready to hire a professional Portland wedding officiant to perform your wedding ceremony we hope you’ll give us a call. We are Oregon wedding officiants, an interfaith group who are professional Portland wedding officiants and non-denominational Portland ministers and Portland clergy, and we also offer non-religious courthouse style, justice of the peace style wedding ceremony in Portland, if that is your preference.

Short Notice Elopement Weddings and
Eloping in Oregon

We may be available for your wedding elopement ceremony today or tomorrow, as long as you have purchased your Oregon marriage license and it is currently valid. Washington couples may elope short notice and marry in Oregon with an Oregon marriage license. Please call for information, availability and pricing.  Click here for Portland elopement information www.ElopeToPortland.com   Elope in Oregon 503-888-9876  

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Journey of Your Marriage License–A Great Big Circle!

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  1. You obtain your application for an Oregon marriage license from ANY one of the 36 counties in Oregon, to be married in Oregon. You may get the application in the mail or in person, or online depending on the county. Please note:  You may be able to apply for your Oregon marriage license on the internet however at most counties you will both need to appear in person at the county, to purchase it.
  2. You fill out the application, which you both sign. You take it to the same county office where you got your application and purchase your license for about $60. Each county has their own requirements about identification, whether you both need to sign in the presence of the clerk or you may be able to return your application by mail. Ask at the county where you want to purchase your license.
  3. You will give the original long, legal copy of your Oregon marriage license, the form you filled out and signed, to your officiant before your wedding ceremony. Your wedding officiant will complete the legal document after your marriage and return it directly to the county via mail.
  4. You will keep the decorative marriage certificate (the beige form which is mostly blank before your marriage) which you, your two witnesses (over 18, as required by Oregon law) and your wedding officiant will have signed after your ceremony.
  5. Your wedding officiant is required to return the completed legal form (your original long application which you both signed) to the county where you purchased it, soon after your marriage.
  6. Once you have called the county to verify that your marriage has been recorded, a week or so after your wedding, you go back to the county where you started, and you purchase a Certified Copy/ copies of your marriage license which is the legal document which has been recorded in the county and state of Oregon Vital Statistics. (you may be able to purchase the Certified Copy by mail after your wedding, ask at the county when you purchase your marriage license)
  7. After all of that, you begin your name change process with your Certified Copy of your Oregon marriage license in your hand, and the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles is a good place to start– Whew!  If you are not changing your name it is still important to have a Certified Copy of your marriage license, especially for a health emergency.

If you prefer to talk with a live person you may call the county to see about having your application sent and to ask questions. Each county has slightly different rules, so always go to the source, each county is listed on page 2 of this website. This information we’re providing is intended to give you the general idea of how the process works. There may be recent changes, including addresses, so always check at the county office.  It can be a little confusing and you have enough other things to think about as you approach your upcoming marriage.
Multnomah County Marriage Licenses
Multnomah County Oregon information 503-988-3034
Washington County Hillsboro OR information 503-846-8752
Clackamas County Oregon Marriage license 503-655-8551
Yamhill Co. license information 503-434-7518

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